De heer mr. M.J.C. (Marco) Veerman, RB

NMI/MfN erkende basisopleiding mediation gevolgd Contaxus Belastingadviseurs
Werk Julianaweg 192F 1131 DL Volendam Telefoon werk: 0299 399810 Website:

Biografische informatie

Marco Veerman is one of the founders of Contaxus Belastingadviseurs. Contaxus Belastingadviseurs is a fully independent tax firm based in the Netherlands with experts in all tax disciplines. Marco has extensive knowledge and experience in corporate income tax. Marco shares his knowledge with his clients to solve their tax problems, assist the clients with solid (international) tax planning and handle tax compliance matters. Marco is a tax generalist consultant and mediator with substantial experience. Focus on real estate, SME, restructuring and negotiations.

Specialties: corporate income tax, mediation, negotiation

Marco Veerman is a reserve officer at the Royal Dutch Navy assigned to 1 CMI commando of the Dutch Armed Forces. 1 CMI commando plays a central role in coordinating initiatives of the international community on the ground (UN, Governments, IO’s, NGO’s, military and international companies). 1 CMI commando has deployed many reserve officers to (post) conflict areas. The officers of 1 CMI commando are relationship oriented, creative and practical. They do not provide ready-made solutions, but they encourage and facilitate people to find their own solutions, which will enable them to realize their own lasting security and freedom.

Specialties: functional specialist, counseling, mediation, negotiation

Categorieën: Leden VFM, NMI/MfN erkende basisopleiding, Noord-Holland